Flare Migigation & Elimination

capture of tank vapor gas, eliminating routine flaring, generating more revenue


Nodak is proud to be the exclusive Bakken Distributor for EcoVapor, providing solutions to eliminate natural gas flaring and venting.

EcoVapor technology enables 100% capture of tank vapor gas directly from your tanks, eliminating the need for routine flaring while generating more revenue for your operation.

Advantages offered

  • Capture and sell 100% of the BTU-rich vapor coming from oil & produced water storage tanks
  • Reduce emissions by eliminating routine flaring and venting of contaminated tank vapor gas
  • 2-5x ROI with quick payout
  • Reliable with no moving parts and > 99.8% uptime track record
  • Simplify operations by removing the need for a VRT
  • No hazardous byproducts or special disposal requirements
Ecovapor Nodak