Nodak Oilfield Services

Service, Quality, Safety

Nodak Oilfield Services offers the best quality and the best level of service at the fairest price, SAFELY! We are the ONLY insulation contractor in the Bakken, ND that has a full service, full time manufacturing facility for insulation blankets at our Williston location. We can build or erect any type of structure you may require or insulate any pipe size, tank, vessel or treater.

Nodak Oilfield Services was founded based on ‘old fashioned’ principles with a very simple vision: I wanted to offer my clients the best quality and the best service at the fairest price. I believe in paying my employees more than my competitors and charging my clients less than my competitors. In doing so, I get a better group of employees who have more pride in what they do and who they work for and my clients get a higher quality finished product! As North Dakota has been good to me, I believe I should be good to North Dakota by being very active in giving back to each of the communities we work in. My promise to you is that I will make sure your experience working with Nodak Oilfield Services is a great one as a large portion of our advertising is by word of mouth!

- Chad Drake